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Keeping calm during COVID-19 panic

BE Inspired & BE Inspirational (Be a Light during the COVID 19 panic)

As I’ve scrolled through social media the past few days, I have seen several funny meme’s, disturbing information/misinformation, charming attempts at distracting our minds from the chaos around us (ie:Posts asking to share picture #7 in your phone or share your first 5 jobs, etc.), and then I’ve seen several inspirational posts of people using …

Arch window

Think of your next major purchase like an investment:  How We Finished our Upstairs and Increased our Home’s Value by $70K!

Buying a new home is a very exciting process, whether it is your first, or fifteenth!  However, if you are hoping to sell it in the future for a profit, there are a few things that we recommend you take into consideration.  Too often people, myself included, tend to let their emotions, societal norms, or …