Welcome!  It is so nice to meet you!  As a fun way to learn a little more about me, here’s my list of…

21 Things About Me

21 – My favorite number.

20 – The number of questions I’ll probably ask you when we first meet if I like you.:-). (I’ll simmer down after a while!)

19 – The age I was when I moved to Mexico.  #wildchild #mividaloca

18 – I am an avid reader.  Check out my list of favorite books here.

17 – The age when I designed, helped build, and finished my first D.I.Y. project with my Daddy.

16 –  I began making scrapbooks thanks to the encouragement of a Mom that I used to babysit for and a Sophomore English project that I took to the extreme.

15 – The age of my oldest daughter when I started this blog.  The other two were 7 and 6 years old at that time!

14 – Hiking, horseback riding, reading, listening to music, baking, learning, and writing are some of my favorite pastimes.

13 – I plan trips for myself, and others, for fun.  Contact me if you’d like help planning a trip!

12 – I have taught high school and middle school Spanish and World Cultures classes in both traditional public and charter school and I’ve been home/road/world-schooling my two younger daughters as we tour the US National Parks together.

11 – Learning about other people’s lives is really interesting to me, especially people from other cultures and generations.  One of my dream projects is to interview 100 people approaching the age of 100 and recording their stories for future generations.  (Want to set-up an interview between me and an inspiring individual that you know?  Fill-out my contact form here.)

10 – When I was little, I used to spend my spare time scanning AQHA, Cowboy, and travel magazines from Texas, Wyoming, and Montana dreaming about and designing the ranch house and barn that I would one day own.

9 –  Drawing house plans is therapeutic for me and has been since I was in my early teens.  Why didn’t I become an architect or interior designer??

8 – I like to debate and play ‘devil’s advocate’ in informal settings (fire pit Fridays!), but require a lot of time before I feel comfortable voicing my thoughts formally.  (Need someone to help you pitch and refine ideas?  Contact me!)

7 – My home and fashion style are created over time by combining things I love and have found individually.  Therefore my home and wardrobe are a perpetual work in process!

6 –  Taking the Myers-Briggs assessment has helped me understand myself and how I interact with others in my life. INFJ

5 – My Enneagram #5 = The Investigator with a close second #6 = The Loyalist with a wing #9 = Peacemaker

4 – Human trafficking, crimes against children, ignorance, and mandatory inefficient protocols make my blood boil.

3 – Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – I believe in this truth and the commandment to LOVE one another.

2 – Smiles are contagious.  Spread them around like they’re free – because they are!  (But don’t be fooled, often the brightest           smiles hide the deepest pain.  #everyonehasastory )

1 – We only get one life here on Earth.  Let’s make it count! #neweyesopen #neolife #findyourfreedom #createalifeyoulove

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