New Year to BE YOU!

New Year to BE YOU

New Year to BE YOU

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New Year New You BE YOU!

We’ve all heard the age old phrase, “New Year, New You!” and as January 1st rolls around it is traditionally a time to set new goals, and make “resolutions” to finally change your habits and get better at some element of your life.  Now I’m not against forming new habits or setting new goals, I actually love planning and envisioning my future and how to crush new goals in the new year, however for many years that phrase “New Year, New You!” would irk me.  I quit joining the resolution bandwagon because often my resolutions didn’t last past February 1st.  Honestly, it wasn’t until I quit trying to change and remake myself each new year that I actually started to become more successful at being the person I wanted to be!  Crazy right?  It took a lot of self reflection and love from some radical friends to help me see that all I ever really needed to be was ME!  So this year I propose a new phrase: “New Year New BE YOU!”

What I realized as I looked back on my failed resolutions was that I was trying to change who I am in order to be more like what I thought others wanted me to be or a better version of the mold that I thought I should fit into.  I am a night owl, my creativity peaks during the times of 10pm and 2am.  Yet each year I would make resolutions to get up earlier so that I could fit in a workout and my quiet time before having to leave for work at 7am.  It NEVER stuck!  And then I would feel guilty for being a slacker and not being able to get myself to bed early enough and out of bed early enough to follow through on my resolution.  Feeling like a failure by my birthday each year (February 28th) was not a great start to my next year of life!

So I began to give myself grace, ditched the resolution idea and just tried to focus on being the best version of myself at any given point in time.  For me, this meant spontaneous moments of reading to my children rather than a nightly routine of reading (our nightly routine has always been cuddles and songs).  It also meant listening to a daily audio Bible app instead of sitting down with the book in my hand.  It also meant rethinking a lot about our life and life in general.  A few years of this eventually lead to me the creation of this website, a new career, and the adventure of a lifetime!  I could write down everything that went into seeing our life with new eyes, but I just read a book that explains it better than I ever could and I highly recommend you check it out!  It’s an easy read and it explains all of our “unthinking” that lead us into the life we currently lead:

It’s crazy how a shift in perspective on one thing can lead you down a road of seeing your entire world in such a different light.  It is freeing and exhilarating to finally be living a life where I feel like I am continually evolving into the best version of myself, the one God created me to be, not the one that this world tried to convince me to be!  I have felt closer to HIM and my family, and more at peace than ever before in my life and no resolutions were needed to get me to this place and I won’t be making any this year either!

Happy New Year to YOU, the BEAUTIFUL, MARVELOUS, WONDERFULLY CREATED YOU that YOU were created to be.  Let HIM/HER just BE this year, will you?  If you need a tribe to help you out with that, feel free to join our NEO Life group over on Facebook @NewEyesOpen.

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