An Ode to Fall, Change, and Living a Colorful Life

Yellow Fall Colors
Yellow Fall Colors
Polebridge, Montana

Fall in Montana has been glorious so far and it has just begun!  I can hardly wait to see what Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado have in store for us later this fall as we travel south.  Last year during fall I did a lot of soul searching.  I had only begun to allow myself to see our life with new eyes open and imagine the life changes that would follow.  I knew that change was coming, but I wasn’t sure what kind.  I just knew that change had to happen. 

Have you ever felt that way?  Like you knew your time had come to an end at a certain place, but you weren’t yet sure where you were supposed to go or what you were supposed to do?  That is how I had felt for years, and last year I KNEW that it was the last year before a major change. 

Fall creek

Sitting in front of a big window overlooking the beautiful Charlotte skyline with the vibrant display of fall foliage, I put these thoughts of fall and change and life in general onto paper:

Fall… I love fall.  It’s like all of a sudden, right before they’re destined to die, all the trees that aren’t made to march evergreen all year long rise up and burst forth with color as if to shout, “Here I am!  Look at me!  See who I really am!” just before death overtakes them and they fall to the ground to replenish the Earth with nutrients.

I am always saddened though, by how brief fall’s vibrant display beautifies our world.   I wish it’s brilliance could last longer.  I mourn, just a little, each year when the last fiery leaves fall to the ground.

In a way, I feel like our lives are patterned after seasons as well.  Spring represents birth and youth and all the blissful innocence that propels us forward into the next phase of life…summer.

Summer begins fun and promising, however soon the heat rises and becomes so intense that it’s hard to bear, much like adulthood with its endless pressures, responsibilities and obligations.

Then, we retire into fall.  We can finally begin to be our true selves… wake when we want, do as we please, volunteer and help where we see fit… show our true colors.

Unfortunately, winter eventually arrives and lays to rest all that was once beautiful and vibrant.  The difference though, between human life and nature, is that some of us are fortunate enough to choose when to display our vibrant colors.  We don’t have to stay stuck in summer’s intense heat and we don’t have to wait until winter is knocking at our door to display our beauty.  We can do it now!

So, who are you meant to be?  Are you an evergreen… content to stay steady through the seasons?   If so, that’s great!  The world needs evergreens to add constant, predictable color to the earth.

However, the world also needs the vibrant souls to stand out and provide some contrasting beauty to the sea of evergreen.   So, what colors are you meant to share with the world?  Are you content to wait to share your beauty or are you ready to color this world beautiful NOW?

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