Impulsive Joy

Cascades Trail waterfall at E.B. Jeffress Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway of NC.

Impulsive Joy

Listen to that still small voice within, even when it sounds a bit crazy!

Because oftentimes the best moments in life aren’t planned ahead of time!

I am a planner and dreamer by nature.  I often have our family trips planned months before they ever happen.  I am also pretty realistic about time and financial constraints. However, every now and then my Id screams out so loudly that she cannot be ignored.  Often, these moments of impulsiveness produce some of my most joyful memories.

This past mother’s day, a storm was brewing inside me.  I had been a responsible, thrifty, and efficient wife, mother, and teacher for entire school year.  I was ready for an adventure, but it wasn’t June yet. The weather was decent, allergies weren’t attacking any family members and I was restless.   I wanted to get away, on a Sunday, and I had to work the next day!

Most Sundays I would have sensibly settled for a cold beverage out on the porch with a good book.  Actually, last year I did just that, swallowed my desire for adventure that had bubbled up, grabbed a book, and spent the day under my favorite tree reading and trying to feel good about making the responsible and sensible decision.  Not this Sunday. This Sunday I remembered all too vividly how bitter last year’s choice tasted. This year I kidnapped my family and we went off on an adventure!

I rushed through the house waking everyone up and telling them to put their tennis shoes on and get dressed. Then I threw a bunch of picnic stuff into the cooler and added our camp chairs to the back of our car. I loaded everyone up and we went off on our adventure. After about an hour of driving the kids started to wonder just exactly where we were going. I kept telling them “on an adventure” and “we’ll be there soon”.  Another 2 hours later we finally hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and they had an idea of what I was up to. I think my husband also had an idea that I had lost my marbles.

However, that day we had a picnic at milepost 246 EB Jeffress Park and then we spent the afternoon hiking to a waterfall. We had never been to this waterfall so it was a new experience for all of us.  My youngest daughter happily skipped ahead of us all, my husband and I walked along hand in hand, even the teenager seemed at peace. We climbed on boulders, dipped our toes in the stream, and marvelled in the wonder of Gods creation as we watched the water cascade over the cliff into the valley below.  This was God’s gift to me and listening to His voice urging me to leave everything else behind and just focus on the gifts He’s blessed me with was my ultimate Mother’s Day gift to myself!

“This was God’s gift to me and listening to His voice urging me to leave everything else behind and just focus on the gifts He’s blessed me with was my ultimate Mother’s Day gift to myself!”

Although the planned vacations are nice sometimes it’s the spontaneous impulsive ones that lead to the greatest sense of joy and some of the best memories that we all have together as a family. I believe that if we, as children of God, have His spirit within us, then oftentimes these strong urges to connect with nature are really our spirit begging us to leave behind the distractions of modern life and reconnect with our Father, the Author of joy.  These shared moments of “madness” are part of what creates a lasting bond that ties us together as a family forever.

So mama plan your life, be realistic and thrifty when needed, but when the spirit urges you, don’t be afraid to grasp and take hold of God’s gift of impulsive Joy.  This journey is too short and goes by way too fast to not take advantage of these special moments with your family. These moments of impulsive Joy are some of the ones that make us feel most happy, free, alive, and connected with our heavenly Father this side of heaven.

When was the last time that you enjoyed a moment of impulsive joy?  Share in the comments!

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