Help!…I just can’t do this on my own!

New Eyes Open Perspective Coach

“Holy spirit please help because I just can’t do this on my own!” has become my mantra over the past three years.  I am sure that there are other Mamas out there that can attest to the fact that they too don’t know how they would do what they do day in and day out without some supernatural help.  The amazing thing is that just as soon as I breathe out that phrase (I find saying it out loud to be most effective – perhaps because my girls have come to recognize it as my final “straw”?) help arrives and I am able to either calm down and do what needs to be done or remove myself from the situation in order to come up for air.

Interestingly enough, although I have come to rely heavily on God’s aid for “Mama drama”, I just realized how much I am still trying to go it alone in other areas of my life, like this blog for example.  For nearly six months I have been dreaming, sketching, and designing this blog and jotting down ideas for posts. Then finally I took that big step and registered a domain name and signed on with a host. However, every time I sit down to flesh out one of the post ideas that I have previously jotted down, I JUST CANNOT DO IT!  This is only my second post in two months folks AND it is not even the result of one of those great (I hope!) blog post ideas that I had jotted in my notebook.

No, this post is the direct result of finally calling out “Help!  I just can’t do this God! If YOU want these ideas that YOU have given me to be shared with others, then PLEASE, help me finish a post!” And I am not kidding when I say that it was like a big light bulb went off inside me as I began to ponder… “Why have I not asked Him for help with this yet?  Why had I not already given this blog and whatever my fingers pound out on this keyboard over to Him yet? He has been more than faithful in every other part of my life when I have reached out for help (and often, even when I haven’t), so why hadn’t I already asked Him for help with this?”

I am sure that pride has a lot to do with it as well as the flip side of that, insecurity.  You see, I have been reading and getting inspired by all these other really great blogs that I follow and have had a “if they can do this then so can I” kind of attitude.  But the reality is that I CANNOT, however with Him I CAN. With this realization also came the opportunity to examine other areas of my life where I try so hard to go at it alone, but fall so terribly short (uhem…marriage, health, friendships, etc.)  

How about you?  Are there areas of your life, or individual projects or callings that you need to hand over to God fully?  I encourage you to call for help now my friend! He stands ready and willing to help you and bless you in a powerful way!

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